The Reality of Mortality: It Blows.

I used to be free from worry.  I lived life without much thought of the future, I lived in the present...youth affords such luxury.  I wish I hadn't taken that time in my life for granted.  I wish I knew then that I would never feel like that again and that I should savor every... Continue Reading →


Hello Again

Hi there.  I haven't posted in a good long time.  I apologize to the two of you out there that follow me (har har)! I have had my head up my own ass....skills....I got 'em.  I have thought of several things to write about but have been slack about actually getting 'er done. Hello again...we... Continue Reading →

The Happy Jar

In all fairness, this is NOT my idea.  This is a lovely idea that I stumbled across while online three years ago, however, it's just too wonderful to keep to myself.  I made one for myself, my mom, and my two best friends as gifts for several years running. This holiday season my two best... Continue Reading →

What Do I Want To Do When I grow up?

This question has been a problem for me since I was preparing to graduate from high school.  Sadly, at 43, I still don't know.  Recently, I was instructed to ask myself "What do I want?"  This question unnerves me because it's a question I cannot answer. I go completely blank and when I attempt to look into... Continue Reading →

More Of My Photos

Sky over the Chesapeake Bay, VA   Abandoned building from the inside, Cape Charles, VA    Sunset on the Lafayette River, Norfolk, VA   Early morning kayaking on Alamoosek Lake, Orland, Maine   Mount Moran, Grand Teton National Park, WY -my pre-digital photography days...1997 (scanned from hard copy photo)   Dawn from Thunder cove, Mt.... Continue Reading →

 Back Bay Wildlife Refuge, Virginia Beach, VA    Rockland, Maine    Alamoosek Lake- Orland, Maine    Sandbridge Beach, Virginia Beach, VA    Botanical Gardens, Norfolk, VA    Clouds                  Craig's Pond - Orland, Maine Jeepin' it on the way home from the Outer Banks, NC      ... Continue Reading →

Self Talk and Judgment

Self talk is that inner narrative we have running in our mind like applications running in the background of our smart phones. It's our perceptions, thoughts, memories and judgments.   This is present in us all at times, however, for those of that struggle with self esteem, bipolar, depression, anxiety and other such fun impediments, this... Continue Reading →

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